The Art & Style Of Furniture Handles

Whenever you plan to buy furniture, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind so as to avoid the risk of buying less resourceful items. When you’re buying a furniture handle you certainly need to test the door handle by pulling it and moving it round since at times the handle ends up breaking or loosening when used for long. The strength of the furniture handle is very crucial since there are a lot of users utilizing it and every person has their own way of using it, some use it gently while a couple uses it vigorously.

Normally, while setting up a new home or while performing home renovations, furniture handles come among the last to be considered. This is because they’re pretty common and readily available. Though, for the case of aesthetics and usability, it’s crucial to offer enough thought process whilst choosing the right handles for your house’s furniture.

Door knobs can be obtained at hardware stores and departmental stores. Nowadays, they’re available via online stores and auction sites as well. Most people find it convenient to buy online as it saves a lot of time and it offers the aptitude to shop right from your home’s comfortabliity.

Picking the ideal type of furniture handle can be quite a mystifying task because there are a huge number of choices available via both offline and online stores at various price deals. There are a couple of helpful tips concerning the different features of furniture handles which will help you select the best handles for your furniture easily and quickly.

Styles and Designs

It’s easy to find varied handle styles which include regular handles, knobs, levers, and so on. Door knobs come in various shapes, including diamond, triangle, simple round and oval. Whereas door styles basically include:

· Lever handles (decorated or plain)

· Animal head design

· Novelty styles (any shape or theme)

· Crash bars (widely used in huge buildings and emergency exit doors and windows)

It’s crucial to pick varieties which best suit your requirements. Handles for kitchen cabinets need to be elegant and decorative to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Materials Used

In the past, most furniture knobs were made out of wood that blended with the doors on which they’re installed. Materials such as hard plastic, aluminum, stainless steel and melamine were used as well. At certain instances treasured metals such as silver and titanium were used too. Sooner or later, for gaining improved aesthetics and usability, other materials like glass, wood, brass, bronze and ceramic came into play.

Locking Mechanism

Furniture handles are used to hold, open and close as well as to lock. For doors, different rooms need different handle types. The doors are selected based on the interiors and room’s purpose. For example, bathrooms, toilets and bedrooms need locking mechanisms from inside. The main entrance needs mechanisms for locking from both inside and outside. However, outside locking systems need key security.

Types of Handles

Passage - Passage doors are the common ones that do not have a locking mechanism. They simply allow a small passage fit for someone to get into the room. They’re best suited for children’s bedroom, living room and other doors where a lock isn’t needed.

Limitation - these knobs make opening and closing of doors easy and do not have a latch. They’re normally used with closet and cabinet doors and other coverings that do not require a latch.

Private – private handles consist of a locking mechanism from inside. This is perfect for toilet/bathrooms, bedrooms, guest rooms and other private areas. They do not include keys but simply a locking button on the inside. They can as well be opened from outside but very rare.

Main Entrance – main entrance handles have a locking mechanism. They’re used in main entrances for houses, residences and offices.

Dummy – dummy handles are intended for decorative reasons. The handles are generally used in French doors, cabinets and so on. The knobs can’t be turned or locked.

It’s quite easy finding a wide variety of furniture handles and knobs in varied features and styles. The right types of handles have the capacity to augment the décor of the whole home. Some dealers and suppliers offer custom-made handles at affordable prices. There are also ornate metal knobs, oval-shaped with stunning embellishments and several other alluring designs that are available in most online stores.

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