Queslett Kitchen Pulls code: QUESLETT

Queslett Kitchen Pulls

This is a fabulous new range of kitchen pull handles made exclusively for Armac Martin. Available in 3 sizes to fit all drawer and cupboard requirements in the modern kitchen and supplied with fixing lugs on the reverse that will need to be fitted into the wood to give you a stunningly neat finish. Made as hot brass forgings by our specialist craftsmen and available in the full range of Armac finishes. Available in 3 industry standard fixing centres , 203mm ,96mm and 40mm. M4 fixing screws are provided. Why QUESLETT you ask? Well QUESLETT is an old affluent area of Birmingham, and according to legend was the birthplace of Squire Queslett who accompanied Sir Ivanhoe on the Crusades. Allegedly he was well known and praised for his cullinary skills and well-ordered kitchen!

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Code Finishcentre to centreoverall lengthHeightProjection Price Qty
ANT203 mm228 mm40 mm22 mm £33.98
PBL203 mm228 mm40 mm22 mm £39.10
PCP203 mm228 mm40 mm22 mm £51.24
PNP203 mm228 mm40 mm22 mm £51.24
SCP203 mm228 mm40 mm22 mm £51.24
SNP203 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £51.24
ANT40 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £13.42
PBL40 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £15.43
PCP40 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £19.91
PNP40 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £19.91
SCP40 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £19.91
SNP40 mm64 mm40 mm22 mm £19.91
ANT96 mm108 mm40 mm22 mm £16.24
PBL96 mm108 mm40 mm22 mm £18.71
PCP96 mm108 mm40 mm22 mm £24.00
PNP96 mm108 mm40 mm22 mm £24.00
SCP96 mm108 mm40 mm22 mm £24.00
SNP96 mm108 mm40 mm22 mm £24.00
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