Kitchen Bin Pulls Drawer Handles code: 2174

Kitchen Bin Pulls Drawer Handles

Cup style grip drawer pull handle. Surface mounted and supplied with colour matching brass woodscrews. Available in 2 sizes 3.3/4" which is a brass forging and a larger 4" version that is handmade as a sand casting. A quality product made from original dies at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham. They are not a matching pair as the central cup part of the 4" version is considerably smaller than the 3.3/4" size version. I'm afraid I can't explain why this should be, but as these patterns are over 100 years old we did not think we should alter them just to make them look a little more like each other.

" With all products where solid brass screws and or brass pins are supplied we would always recommend pre drilling lead holes prior to final fix "

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