Square Tapered Socket Furniture Castor code: 929

Square Tapered Socket Furniture Castor

Solid brass square socket castors.

Available in a range of sizes from 16mm internal diameter of the socket right up to 38mm size.

The larger sizes are often used in the upholstery trade on the legs of sofas and settees.

Supplied with colour matched brass woodscrews. Traditional fitting made at the Armac Brassworks.

Internal aperture size shown is the top of cup internal square size.

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Code FinishStock StatusInternal ApertureOverall HeightWheel diameter x widthExternal depth of cup Price Qty
POLIn Stock16 mm41 mm15 x 8 mm21 mm £23.93
POLIn Stock19 mm45 mm20 x 8 mm21 mm £23.55
POLIn Stock22 mm48 mm20 x 8 mm23 mm £29.86
POLIn Stock25 mm55 mm24 x 12 mm30 mm £34.49
POLIn Stock29 mm63 mm30 x 12 mm31 mm £28.09
POLIn Stock32 mm65 mm30 x 12 mm34 mm £31.97
POLIn Stock35 mm78 mm34 x 12 mm37 mm £44.01
POLIn Stock38 mm78 mm36 x 12 mm37 mm £52.60
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