Screw Plate Furniture Leg Castor code: 1033

Screw Plate Furniture Leg Castor

A solid brass screw plate furniture castor. Often used on the back legs of antique chairs. The size listed is both the diameter of the wheel and the diameter of the fixing plate. Available in sizes from 3/4" diameter legs right up to 1.1/2" size. Available as Polished brass or Antique brass. This is a traditional fitting made from original forging dies and patterns at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England.

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Code SizeFinishStock Status Price Qty
19 mmPOLIn Stock £17.10
22 mmPOLIn Stock £17.71
25 mmPOLIn Stock £19.23
29 mmPOLIn Stock £20.63
32 mmPOLIn Stock £22.75
35 mmPOLIn Stock £28.16
38 mmPOLIn Stock £29.50
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