Plate handle code: 1524

Plate handle

A traditional reproduction style period brass plate handle. Historically this was the style of handle widely used by the volume manufacturers of antique reproduction furniture you would see in all furniture stores up and down the country. To try and keep the costs down press tools were developed for stamping the plates from brass sheet to a good quality thickness so as not to detract too much from the original sand cast and hand dressed originals. The grip is a hot brassed forged item and the complete handle is supplied with traditional fixings of brass bolt head and steel allthread and nut. All of these handles are made from original press tools at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham UK.

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Code FinishSizeStock Statuscentre to centreHeight Price Qty
ANT114 mmIn Stock92 mm57 mm £23.53
POL114 mm3 weeks92 mm57 mm £27.08
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