Grip neck socket code: GRIP

Grip neck socket

A solid forged brass furniture castor. With special grip neck and push in socket fixings. This castor utilises the same horn and wheel as the traditional 033 screwplate castor but replaces the fixing plate and woodscrew assembly with the more modern and probably easier grip-neck fixing. The leg is drilled to a diameter size very slightly smaller than that of the socket. The socket is then driven into the wood by hammer and the spikes around the end rim secure it into the wood. the castor (with the grip already attached) is then knocked into the receiving socket in a manner very similar to Shepherd Castors and you are ready to roll (literally!) Produced to original designs at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England.

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POLIn Stock25 mm £19.27
POLIn Stock29 mm £19.94
POLIn Stock32 mm £20.34
POLIn Stock35 mm £27.57
POLIn Stock38 mm £29.52
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