A New Breed

A New Breed

From a purpose built factory in Birmingham, the industrial heartland of the country and the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, come a range of handles and knobs for the most discerning of kitchen designers.


A feature of all Armac Martin handles is the attention to detail given to the development process.


They are designed to look great, to feel good, to work well, and to last.


They are manufactured to be excellent, and are finished to be beautiful.


You will find traditional ‘Polished Brass’ sitting alongside contemporary ‘Chrome and Nickel’.


There is period ‘Antique Brass’ which has evolved into shades of ‘Burnish & Bronze’.


See how the ‘Copper and Silver’ strikes a tone of opulence, whilst the ‘Satin Brass’ hints at winter warmth and luxury.


This is a new breed of industrial styled handles that are both a testament to the heritage of the manufacturer and a vision of the future drawn by the designer.


The handles share common values which were the inspiration for the design;


That they should demonstrate ‘Strength & Resilience’, that they should look ‘Practical & Honest’, and that they
feel ‘Solid and Un-compromising’.


Manufactured and Designed by ARMAC MARTIN



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