Ten years 2005 - 2015

Ten years 2005 - 2015

Ten years is a long time in business but it can go past in the blink of an eye. In 2005 Armac Brassworks, a long established manufacturer of traditional antique reproduction furniture fittings, made two significant decisions to safeguard its future.

Firstly we sold our Staniforth Street site, our home since 1929, and moved to a purpose built manufacturing and distribution building in Duddeston.

Secondly we made the acquisition of our top customer, Martin & Company from just down the road in Hockley.

After a short period of bedding into our new home and getting to know our new colleagues we embarked on a major re-brand of the business at just about the same time as the longest recession in modern times hit home!

In business timing is everything and, in truth, had the acquisition happened 6 months later, or the recession started 6 months earlier our re-brand plans would almost certainly have been put on hold and we may well have ‘bunkered down’ to try and ride out the storm.

But it didn’t and the brand new Armac Martin met the storm head on.

We had a new name, a new logo, new stationery, and new signage on the building and vans.

We had a new catalogue, new brochures and most importantly we had new products.

We did exhibitions in Birmingham, London, and New York.

We created a range of branded showboards that our sales team worked diligently to get seen and hung in showrooms up and down the country and overseas as well.

We invested, heavily, on new modern machinery, we added our own plating plant, we added 3D printing for new product development, and we invested in people. We sought grants for training and we took on graduates and apprentices to ensure we would have the requisite skills in house for years to come.

It is said that a business that survives a recession is almost unrecognisable from the business that entered it.

You’ll get no argument from us on that one.

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