Square Tapered Furniture Socket Only code: 929

Square Tapered Furniture Socket Only

Solid forged brass 'tapered' square castor socket only. These castor sleeve sockets are without wheels and therefore intended for tables and furniture that will need to be lifted to be moved. Supplied with colour matched brass woodscrews. They are produced from original forging dies at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England.

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Code FinishStock StatusSize Price Qty
POLIn Stock16 mm £23.93
POLIn Stock19 mm £14.71
POLIn Stock22 mm £15.28
POLIn Stock25 mm £16.89
POLIn Stock29 mm £17.47
POLIn Stock32 mm £20.83
POLIn Stock35 mm £34.18
POLIn Stock38 mm £39.69
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