Ring handle code: 3624

Ring handle

A stamped brass ring plate with a solid brass ring attached to a brass ball spindle, which passes through the top of the plate and through the drawer front or cupboard door to secure from behind with a small steel nut. A small brass escutcheon pin is also provided for securing at the base of the plate behind the ring. Once part of the original Bentley Collection, this handle is also available in the special OEB finish. This is a traditional reproduction fitting made from original dies and patterns at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

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Code SizeFinishStock Status Price Qty
32 mmOEBIn Stock £10.94
32 mmANTIn Stock £10.94
38 mmANTIn Stock £11.28
44 mmANTIn Stock £12.71
51 mmANTIn Stock £13.34
38 mmOEBIn Stock £11.28
44 mmOEBIn Stock £12.71
51 mmOEBIn Stock £13.34
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