Oval Brass Kitchen Knob code: 2325

Oval Brass Kitchen Knob

solid brass oval knob on round backplate. Supplied with a rear-fixing machine screw for securing from inside the drawer, this knob looks equally as good fitted horizontally as it does vertically. This knob is hand finished at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England.

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Code FinishSizeStock StatusProjection Price Qty
ANT19 mm4 weeks21 mm £14.28
ANT25 mm4 weeks27 mm £17.35
ANT32 mm4 weeks32 mm £21.25
ANT38 mm4 weeks31 mm £31.22
PCP25 mm4 weeks27 mm £19.28
PCP32 mm4 weeks32 mm £23.60
PCP38 mm4 weeks31 mm £34.69
POL19 mmIn Stock21 mm £15.71
POL25 mmIn Stock27 mm £18.32
POL32 mmIn Stock32 mm £22.43
POL38 mmIn Stock31 mm £32.95
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