Chocolate Bronze Plate - CBP code: CBP

Chocolate Bronze Plate - CBP

Our highly skilled finishers take the raw brass component and hand sateen to give a brushed finish. A bright copper plate is then applied. A bronzing powder is then evenly applied to the copper before being hand relieved to give a smooth consistent finish with a copper undertone through the bronze. Finally a highly durable clear satin lacquer is then applied which is baked in our ovens to ensure the lacquer cures to offer lasting protection. Baking the lacquer ensures that a harder and more durable layer will protect the finish from day to day and oxidisation.

To help maintain and preserve the finish it is recommended that occasional use of a damp cloth and the use of a quality wax polish should only be used on the products. Abrasive kitchen cleaning products should never be used as they will increase the speed at which the lacquer breaks down.


Click here to see our care of finishes guide.

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