Plate handle code: 1509

Plate handle

Traditional reproduction style period brass plate handle. This plate is available in 3 different thickness of brass. Historically this was the style of handle widely used by the mass producers of antique reproduction furniture you would see in all furniture stores up and down the country. To keep the costs down the plates were thinned to reduce the metal content and reduce the price. 20G is the thinnest, 18G is in the middle, and 16G is the thickest. This you will see is reflected in the prices quoted. All of these handles are made from original press tools at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham UK.

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Code FinishSizeStock StatusGuageHeightCentre to centre (mm) Price Qty
ANT76 mmIn Stock16G45 mm54 £12.02
ANT89 mmIn Stock16G51 mm64 £13.74
ANT102 mmIn Stock16G54 mm67 £16.77
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