Ring handle code: 4350

Ring handle

A stamped brass ring plate with a patterned brass ring attached to a brass hook spindle, which passes through the top of the plate and through the drawer front or cupboard door to secure from behind with a small steel nut. A small brass escutcheon pin is also provided for securing at the base of the plate behind the ring. This is a traditional reproduction fitting made from original dies and patterns at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

NB: Please note that the 1" size is such a small plate and ring that it is supplied with a 'snipe' fixing. This works in a similar way to a cotter pin, in that the ring is held by a brass strap that once pushed through the wood is then folded back on the inside of the drawer and secured in place with a pair of brass pins. Sounds complicated but really is very simple and a fabulously original fixing method it is too!

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