Reeded Kitchen Furniture Knob code: 3105

Reeded Kitchen Furniture Knob

From our Metro-Line range of contemporary style kitchen knobs. Offered in a high quality polished brass finish, Armac antique finish, or a subtle brushed satin nickel. They are drilled and tapped M5 for a tidy rear-fixing from inside the drawer (40mm screw length supplied). These knobs would look stunning on a high gloss coloured laminate kitchen, or on highly polished dark mahogany furniture. These knobs are heavy so will need to be attached well to good quality wood. the weight would work them loose on soft woods like pine, so this should be considered. Machine made and hand finished at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.


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Code SizeFinishStock StatusProjection Price Qty
19 mmANTIn Stock29 mm £11.68
25 mmANT3 Weeks38 mm £14.92
32 mmANTIn Stock45 mm £18.63
38 mmANTIn Stock53 mm £22.64
19 mmPOL4 weeks29 mm £13.44
25 mmPOLIn Stock38 mm £16.63
32 mmPOLIn Stock45 mm £20.79
38 mmPOLIn Stock53 mm £24.95
19 mmPNPIn Stock29 mm £15.29
25 mmPNPIn Stock38 mm £18.54
32 mmPNPIn Stock45 mm £22.73
38 mmPNPIn Stock53 mm £26.92
19 mmSNP4 weeks29 mm £15.29
25 mmSNP4 weeks38 mm £18.54
32 mmSNP4 weeks45 mm £22.73
38 mmSNP4 weeks53 mm £26.92
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