Block & Bar Pull Handles 9mm Thickness code: ARBAR

Block & Bar Pull Handles 9mm Thickness

This is an exciting new range of pull handles designed exclusively at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England. The style is very reminiscent of traditional Arts & Crafts yet in application, given the contemporary plated finishes the handle can look very 'now' when fitted to modern kitchens, or designer office furniture for example. It is made from solid brass bar and fitted here at the factory to specific lengths using a guide hole in the bar and a small grub screw fitted by an allen key. The guide hole should ensure that the bar does not twist once tightened and will stay in place once fitted to your furniture.

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Tags: block, bar, pull, handles
Code Stock Statuscentre to centrediameterFinishLength (mm) Price Qty
5 weeks52 mm9 mmANT76 £16.01
5 weeks52 mm9 mmPOL76 £17.59
5 weeks52 mm9 mmPCP76 £24.03
5 weeks52 mm9 mmPNP76 £24.03
5 weeks52 mm9 mmSNP76 £24.03
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