Art Deco Circular Drawer Pull code: 2830

Art Deco Circular Drawer Pull

This is a lovely 2.5/8" (67mm) solid brass round pull handle. It is classic Art Deco in design and makes for a fabulous bedroom fitting. The original came directly off my Father's bedroom suite which his father bought 'new' in 1927! There is also a matching long pull handle for wardrobes or tall cabinet drawers (search 2831). Another quality product made from original dies at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

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Code WidthFinish Price Qty
67mmANT £17.97
67mmASP £32.15
67mmPBL £19.56
67mmPCP £24.74
67mmPNP £24.74
67mmSCP £24.74
67mmSNP £24.74
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