Mushroom Kitchen Furniture Knob code: 4063

Mushroom Kitchen Furniture Knob

striking Kitchen cupboard knob. Solid brass mushroom style. Available in several sizes and finishes. This a real quality brass knob that would look stunning on any piece of furniture, particulary on antique wooden kitchens. Machine made at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

NB: It should be mentioned here that when fresh from our finishing process the antique brass version of these knobs are quite bright and shiny but after only a short time they dull over and matt down to be more like the finish shown in the photograph.

Part of the Cotswold range.

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Code Stock StatusFinishSize Price Qty
In StockANT19 mm £8.64
In StockANT25 mm £11.71
In StockANT32 mm £15.40
In StockANT38 mm £21.42
2 weeksPOL19 mm £9.50
2 weeksPOL25 mm £12.36
2 weeksPOL32 mm £16.26
2 weeksPOL38 mm £22.61
2 weeksPCP19 mm £12.10
2 weeksPCP25 mm £13.01
2 weeksPCP32 mm £17.14
2 weeksPCP38 mm £23.80
In StockPNP19 mm £12.10
In StockPNP25 mm £12.36
In StockPNP32 mm £16.26
In StockPNP38 mm £23.80
2 weeksSNP19 mm £12.10
2 weeksSNP25 mm £12.36
2 weeksSNP32 mm £16.26
2 weeksSNP38 mm £23.80
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