Furniture Fittings

Furniture Fittings

Furniture fittings give you what you need to build and fit the perfect kitchen, bedroom, or office. They products such as studs, brackets, rails and stays. At Armac Martin we offer bespoke furniture fittings. We can tailor them to the specific needs of your product, using the latest design and production tools to create prototypes and professional quality products at a very reasonable price. We will be able to create bespoke fixings for your product/design, if you send us details on what you need. We have the capacity to quickly create prototypes to give you an idea of the final product.

Armac Martin: Creating bespoke furniture fittings since 1929.

We now have a purpose-built factory in Duddeston, Birmingham to design and create the perfect furniture fittings, among other high-quality items. We've recently invested in cutting-edge new technology, including laser engraving machines and computer aided design software, in order to create the best possible designs and prototypes at a very efficient rate. Despite being based in Birmigham, we really are a global business. Our components, including our bespoke kitchen handles, are used in products throught the UK and internationally.

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If you would like further information on our products and where you can buy them, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give quotes and advice on the services we provide. We offer free UK delivery for our products.
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