Fridge Handles

Fridge Handles

Fridge handles need to be more sturdy and bigger than most other kitchen handles, due to the weight of the door they are attached to. Due to this, it is important to get a well-crafted handle, to avoid it looking to chunky and upsetting the balance of the room. It is also necessary to get a handle that can deal with the weight of the door. The highest quality fridge handles tend to be finished with either polished nickel plate (PNP) or polished chrome plate (PCP). The full range of finishes includes:
  • ANT - Antique brass finish. Works well in traditional kitchens.
  • PBL - Polished brass. This is similar to antique brass, but with a cleaner looking finish.
  • PCP - Polished chrome plate. The quintessential look of the modern kitchen design.
  • PNP - Polished nickel plate. Similar to the polished chrome plate, the difference is mainly down to personal preference.
  • SCP - Satin chrome plate. Like the above, but with a more brushed-looking finish.
  • SNP - Satin nickel plate. Similar brushed finish to the SCP, but a very slightly different hue. Again, down to preference.

The styles of fridge handles

Fridge handles tend to fall into two main groups. They are generally either a large, chunky handle, or a smaller latch-style american handle. The latter are making a surprising come-back in modern kitchens, but really both can be used in either modern or traditional-styled kitchens. If nothing in our current range interests you, or if you have a specific design in mind that you need creating, Armac Martin offer a bespoke design service. We can customize every aspect of our designs, or create new ones for you from scratch. Our designers can work alongside your in-house design team, too. We also have a rapid prototyping service, which automates the creation of a prototype based on our 3d designs. This gives you an easy way to check a design before it is properly crafted. We've invested in cutting-edge production and design technology, to streamline the process as much as possible.

Armac Martin

Armac Martin have a purpose-built factory in Duddeston, Birmingham to design and create the perfect metal handles, either for fridges or for any other appliance. We've recently invested in cutting-edge new technology, including laser engraving machines and computer aided design software, in order to create the best possible designs and prototypes at a very efficient pace and cost. Armac Martin have been designers and creators of outstanding handles since 1929, with a special focus on fridge handles. We will be able to create traditoinal or modern handles and knobs for your furniture, if you send us details on what you need. We have the capacity to quickly create prototypes to give you an idea of the final product, if you decide to use our bespoke service. If you would like further information on our products and where you can buy them, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give quotes and advice on the services we provide. We offer free delivery to UK addresses for all of our products.
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