Brass Woodscrews code: S

Brass Woodscrews

These "hard to find " screws are the first of many to be added to our site over the coming months. We have used them in house and sold them to our account customers worldwide for decades and now by popular demand we offer them here on our website.




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Code DescriptionGauge by Length Price Qty
Brass Csk.1 x 1/4" £8.35
Brass Csk.1 x 3/8" £7.58
Brass Csk.2 x 1/4" £4.79
Brass Csk.2 x 3/8" £5.41
Brass Csk.2 x 1/2" £5.33
Brass Csk.3 x 3/8" £10.22
Brass Csk.3 x 1/2" £11.12
Brass Csk.3 x 5/8" £16.54
Brass Round Hd1 x 1/4" £8.82
Brass Round Hd1 x 3/8" £8.19
Brass Round Hd2 x 1/4" £6.19
Brass Round Hd2 x 3/8" £6.02
Brass Round Hd2 x 1/2" £6.19
Brass Round Hd3 x 3/8" £11.12
Brass Round Hd3 x 1/2" £12.06
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