Block & Bar Pull Handles 13mm Thickness code: ARBAR

Block & Bar Pull Handles 13mm Thickness

This is an exciting new range of pull handles designed exclusively at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England. The style is very reminiscent of traditional Arts & Crafts yet in application, given the contemporary plated finishes the handle can look very 'now' when fitted to modern kitchens, or designer office furniture for example. The product shown here is the smallest of the 1/2" diameter size and is, very sensibly we think, only fitted with the one block to act more as a knob for small drawers and cupboards. You will notice a small pin hole at the one end of the bar - this is intentional! The pin hole is used for suspending the bar in the vats when it is being plated or lacquered. We will make sure that the pin hole is turned towards to drawer and does not face out into the room. That way it is not seen and should not be considered a fault in the product.

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Code Stock StatusdiameterFinishLength (mm) Price Qty
4 Weeks13 mmANT51 £16.08
4 weeks13 mmPOL51 £16.98
5 weeks13 mmPCP51 £17.75
In Stock13 mmPNP51 £17.87
5 weeks13 mmSNP51 £17.87
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