Sometimes you just can't find exactly what you need. Or what you need is something very special and only for you. We can customise every aspect of your furniture fitting; whether it's a handle or knob and whether it's for a short or larger production run.


We can provide engraving services on any suitable handle or knob. Browse through the catalogue, choose a design and get in touch. Let us know what words you require and any style guidelines and we'll provide you with a quotation. Our engraving service is available on any standard product that will lend itself to the engraving process. If you're not sure – just ask.

Complete design

We have created custom made handles and knobs for some of the leading kitchen and furniture designers. Handles that are designed to echo the creative statements of the particular pieces or help to reinforce the designer brand of the product. We're happy to consider all your design requirements and will work alongside your own design team to provide exactly what you want.

Rapid prototyping

Realising a new design has not always been easy. Looking on screen at drawings and designs, even CAD designs doesn't always give you a 'feel' for how the final product will turn out. That's why we've invested in the very latest Rapid Prototyping system. Rapid prototyping is the automatic construction of physical objects using additive manufacturing technology. A process that takes virtual designs from computer aided design (CAD), transforms them into thin, virtual, horizontal cross-sections and then creates successive layers until the model is complete.

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