Art Deco Fluted Pull Handle code: 2837

Art Deco Fluted Pull Handle

We are pleased to have this beautifully made Art Deco style dresser pull handle to add to our range. Slender and elegant , reminiscent of the age. The fluted ( a vertical half round groove ) detail along the length of the pull is not easy to achieve and the quality of the original tooling is, we fear, a lost art among modern toolmakers and die-sinkers. Available in 2 sizes and 6 different finishes it is seen (by us at least?) as a great companion product for the 3105 reeded knob. A quality product made from original dies at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

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Code lengthFinishcentre to centreProjectionWidth Price Qty
3.5/8 (92mm) inchesANT73 mm20 mm8 mm £15.92
5.1/2 (140mm) inchesANT117 mm23 mm7 mm £20.26
3.5/8 (92mm) inchesPOL73 mm20 mm8 mm £18.33
5.1/2 (102mm) inchesPOL117 mm23 mm7 mm £23.11
3.5/8 (92mm) inchesPCP73 mm20 mm8 mm £24.15
5.1/2 (102mm) inchesPCP117 mm23 mm7 mm £30.11
3.5/8 (92mm) inchesPNP73 mm20 mm8 mm £24.15
5.1/2 (102mm) inchesPNP117 mm23 mm7 mm £30.11
3.5/8 (92mm) inchesSCP73 mm20 mm8 mm £24.15
5.1/2 (102mm) inchesSCP117 mm23 mm7 mm £30.11
3.5/8 (92mm) inchesSNP73 mm20 mm8 mm £24.15
5.1/2 (102mm) inchesSNP117 mm23 mm7 mm £30.11
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