Antique Kitchen Cupboard Knob code: 3004

Antique Kitchen Cupboard Knob

This has to be the most popular knob in our entire range!

It is a solid brass cupboard knob in a plain bun design, ideal for kitchens and cabinets. Supplied with a separate stamped brass rosette (or backplate). It is available in 4 different sizes, and is offered here either as a woodscrew fixing from the front of the drawer or cupboard or as a rear-fixing knob from the back of the drawer or cupboard door (all fixings supplied).

The knob is precision machine made and hand finished at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham, England.

The size shown is the knob diameter and this is also the knob projection when fitted.

The most popular size for kitchen use is the 32mm diameter / projection.

NB: It should be mentioned here that when fresh from our finishing process these knobs are quite bright and shiny but after only a short time they dull over and matt down to be more like the finish shown in the photograph.

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Code Stock StatusFixingSizeFinish Price Qty
In Stockrear fix25 mmANT £13.92
In Stockrear fix32 mmANT £15.71
In Stockrear fix38 mmANT £18.38
In Stockrear fix25 mmBEL £15.31
In Stockrear fix32 mmBEL £17.28
In Stockrear fix38 mmBEL £20.22
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