Sliding Wardrobe Rail Hook code: 0789

Sliding Wardrobe Rail Hook

Forged brass sliding wardrobe rail hook. Available in 2 sizes to fit diameter of wardrobe rail. Simple yet elegant design makes these little hooks a lovely enhancement to your bedroom furniture. Made from original dies at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

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Code FinishStock StatusSize Price Qty
PCP4 weeks19 mm £12.31
PCP4 weeks25 mm £12.69
POLIn Stock19 mm £7.81
POLIn Stock25 mm £8.70
PNP2 weeks19 mm £12.31
PNP2 weeks25 mm £12.69
SCP2 weeks19 mm £12.31
SCP2 weeks25 mm £12.69
SNP2 weeks19 mm £12.31
SNP2 weeks25 mm £12.69
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