Brass Cabinet Handles code: 1685

Brass Cabinet Handles

A classic, swan-neck style, plain cabinet handle with ogee rosettes. The cabinet handle is perhaps the most iconic product in the Armac range. All made from original designs and tooling, the cabinet handle is the defining product for quality reproduction antique furniture manufacturers. All sizes listed are the bore hole or 'centre-to-centre' dimension. So if you are looking to replace some cheap diecast mazak style handles then you need to take the drill hole measurement and apply that to the sizes we list here. Then, hopefully, your old handle will come off and a fabulous new Armac handle can drop on to take its place without any need to fill the holes and re-drill. A quality product made from original dies at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

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Code FinishStock StatusSize Price Qty
ANTIn Stock51 mm £9.16
ANTIn Stock57 mm £9.27
ANTIn Stock64 mm £9.45
ANTIn Stock70 mm £10.19
ANTIn Stock76 mm £10.08
ANTIn Stock83 mm £11.16
ANTIn Stock89 mm £11.62
ANTIn Stock95 mm £13.63
ANTIn Stock102 mm £14.03
POLIn Stock64 mm £10.82
POLIn Stock76 mm £11.56
POLIn Stock89 mm £13.40
POL2 weeks95 mm £15.69
POL2 weeks102 mm £16.14
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