Glass screw drop handle code: 1740

Glass screw drop handle

A lovely forged brass glass screw drop handle. Ideal for mirror movements fittings. With dutch drop style dropper, and all necessary woodscrews supplied. A traditional fitting made from original tooling at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

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Code SizeFinishStock Status Price Qty
16 mmANTin stock £10.65
19 mmANT4 WEEKS £11.73
25 mmANTin stock £13.01
32 mmANTIn Stock £13.40
38 mmANTIn Stock £17.52
16 mmPOL6 weeks £12.23
19 mmPOL6 weeks £13.61
25 mmPOL6 weeks £14.96
32 mmPOL6 weeks £15.48
38 mmPOL6 weeks £20.27
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