Furniture Sash Knob code: 2124

Furniture Sash Knob

This is another traditional design classic! The simple sash knob. We have made and sold 1000's upon 1,000's of these over the years. It is a solid brass, cupboard sash knob. With woodscrew fixings on all smaller sizes, and option of woodscrew or rear fix on sizes 1" and 1.1/4". For screwing into the front of the drawers. Circular in shape with a flat face. Very traditional antique fitting.

Machine made and hand polished and finished at the Armac Brassworks in Birmingham.

NB: It should be mentioned here that when fresh from our finishing process the antique brass version of these knobs are quite bright and shiny but after only a short time they dull over and matt down to be more like the finish shown in the photograph.

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Code Stock StatusFinishKnob DiameterProjection Price Qty
In StockANT9.510 mm £2.46
In StockANT139 mm £2.63
In StockANT1610 mm £3.05
In StockANT1912 mm £3.55
In StockANT2515 mm £7.57
In StockANT2515 mm £7.65
In StockANT3216 mm £10.30
In StockANT3216 mm £10.52
In StockPOL9.510 mm £2.86
In StockPOL139 mm £2.98
In StockPOL1610 mm £3.55
In StockPOL1912 mm £4.03
In StockPOL2515 mm £8.77
In StockPOL3216 mm £11.86
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