Copper Plate - COP code: COP

Copper Plate - COP

Antique and Polished Brass (ANT, POL) are the two original finishes of the Armac business and many items are still stocked and sold in this way. The Armac antique is quite like no-other, it can vary in shade and relief, and will tone down and patinate beautifully over time once fitted to the furniture. It is often copied but never equalled. The Polished Brass is always lacquered unless requested otherwise, and a highly durable Stove Lacquer is used that, unless wiped with kitchen cleaners or bleaches, will probably outlast the furniture! More recently we have added Nickel and Chromium plating to several of the ranges both in the polished finish and a more brushed satin effect (PCP, PNP, SCP, SNP). Other finishes unique to Armac are the Old English Brass (OEB) and the Special Old Colour (SOC).


Click here to see our care of finishes guide.

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