Brass Cut Cupboard Lock (left hand shown) code: 243

Brass Cut Cupboard Lock (left hand shown)

2 lever 2 keyed cut / flush cupboard lock no striking plate supplied. These locks are manufactured to a very high standard by a lock manufacturing family in Willenhall, West Midlands who have been in the business of making locks for over 300 years!!

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Code Stock StatusHandHeightWidthdistance to pin Price Qty
In Stockleft38 mm25 mm13 mm £26.36
In Stockleft51 mm32 mm13 mm £26.36
In Stockleft64 mm38 mm16 mm £26.36
In Stockleft76 mm41 mm20 mm £26.36
In Stockright38 mm25 mm13 mm £26.36
In Stockright51 mm32 mm13 mm £26.36
In Stockright64 mm38 mm16 mm £26.36
In Stockright76 mm41 mm20 mm £26.36
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